FINALLY! Social Media Marketing Expert, Tanya Aliza Breaks 6 Years Of Silence To Teach YOU Her Personal Online Branding Strategies So You Can Acquire More Leads & Sales Every Month… Enroll 2-5 New Teammates Every Week On
Social Media… Attract 10-30 New Prospects Every Day To You…
All Without Chasing Anyone Or Bothering Your Friends Or Family

My Unique Branding Strategies
Work To Attract Leads And Sales
In any niche!
Even if you currently have…

• …no online presence
• …no clue about online marketing
• …Have a limited budget/time
• …Know nothing about branding
• …Are only starting out


 These people had no previous experience of branding themselves to grow their business…

then everything changed for them…

Are You Ready To Be Next?




From The Busy Office Of Tanya Aliza

If you’re truly serious about growing your business and living a life of choice and financial freedom…this is the most important message you might hear!

FACT: Branding yourself correctly online is the #1 secret to your success! My one of a kind branding strategies are 100% responsible for the following in my business

  • Becoming the #3 recruiter in my company in less than 16 months.

  • Attracting 50+ Prospects a day

  • Winning 2 cruises & 2 beach vacations in 1 year

  • Earning a multiple 6 figure income

  • Finally having leverage & team duplication

YOU can achieve massive success in your company or business too with my special branding and blogging strategies.


  • More leads finding you online (without you contacting them)

  • More sales than you might be able to cope with (a good problem to have)

  • More people wanting to do business with you because they know, like and trust you

  • More high quality prospects who are ready to take action

  • More authority & respect where people see you as a leader and someone they want to buy from (no more dealing with silly objections & constant questions)

  • More freedom because you’ve learned how to work smarter

All of the above comes from Branding & Positioning… In other words –
Knowing how to present yourself correctly in your market place so people see you differently’

I’m sharing my Branding Strategies for a Limited Time Only, so check them out today while there’s still time.

First of all…

Imagine Having People Contact YOU For A Change

If you’re anything like I was years ago, you may be experiencing
some of these same frustrations that I used to have in my business:

• Ran out of people to talk to
• Hit a plateau and had to figure a way to meet new people
• Friends/family/social media contacts ignoring you
• Dealing with wishy washy prospects that waste a bunch of time
• Skeptical prospects that bombard you with objections & questions

It sucks, I know, I’ve been there.

I’ve experienced all of these problems over the years….pestering my friends and family for business, spamming people on social media and dealing with poor quality leads every day.
It even got to the point where friends and family would avoid my calls.

Maybe you’ve had the same thing happen to you?
It got to the point where I was putting in 12 hour days at work
and countless more hours trying to get my business off the
ground at night.
Exhausted, tired and frustrated-I knew something had to

There had to be an easier way.

My Business Breakthrough
And How It Will Help You Grow

The big breakthrough in my business came when I decided to build my Brand & Online Presence and stop chasing people around like most network marketers and business people do.
And after spending over $40k and 4 years of training later, I built a Brand that generates…

50+ New Prospects a Day

2-5 New, High Quality Teammates a Week

Daily Sales

YOU can do the same, without the massive amount of time and money I put in! PLUS…

I don’t have to chase people

I professionally attract people like a magnet

I get top quality customers and teammates

Would YOU like results this?

It’s more than possible when I show you how quick and simple it is to build your Brand and Blog online today.


Then Listen: People have become really skeptical about buying goods and services online in the last 6 years. You probably know this right? People have been lied to by everybody. (including our politicians) …And taken for ride time and time again. It’s left a bad taste in their mouths…Left them not trusting anyone. PLUS there are now more and more people coming online every day and competing in your niche…
No matter what business you’re in.

The good news is that people still need their problems solved
and want to do business with you.
You need to stand out though.
You need to get noticed for your customers to see you and trust you.

The only way to do this is by branding yourself or creating a
trustworthy online presence people will relate to.
When they know, like and trust you…they will buy from you.
They will buy from you time and time again.
Think of names like Coca Cola, Mc Donald’s or Apple for a second. They have known this ‘branding’ principle for years. The fact is … they have that ‘trust factor’ in place for their audiences.

People know, like and trust them- so they sell billions of dollars
of product.
The know, like and trust factor is key here.
It’s what branding is all about.


And that’s not good for business.

No matter what niche you’re in or what your business-you need a professional Brand and Infrastructure to stop your struggle.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business
Rapidly Through Your New Blog and Brand?

Having Your Branded Presence In Place Means…

  • YOU can reach more people with your sales message (for free)

  • YOU can sell to more people

  • People will seek YOU out… you have the power in the relationship

  • YOU get highly responsive leads…no dead beat tire kickers.

  • YOU can cherry pick the best people for your team

  • YOU can spend less time working… your Blog does the work for you – even while you’re sleeping

  • YOU can grow your business with no limits.

  • YOU can leave a legacy after you’re gone.

I’ve Put Everything I’ve Learned
About Blogging For Profits
Into A Simple, Easy To Follow Video Course

This course is your key to developing:

  • A professionally branded Blog

  • A Loyal following

  • A list of highly responsive leads and prospects

  • Lots of Value /goodwill / lead getting content

  • The ability to recruit and sell like a boss



4 Core Video Modules & A Bunch
of Awesome Bonuses!

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint is step-by-step, watch over my shoulder videos… showing you EXACTLY How to build your Brand, your Blog, Generate Leads & Grow your Profits.

“Where I am today is a direct effect of me deciding to work with her and going through her training”

~ Cesar Rodriguez

“Tanya cares about your success. She has amazing creativity when it comes to helping people produce”

~ Jessica Higdon

“This course is the most simple, step by step course for you to follow to help you brand yourself”

~ Aaron Parker

Here’s Why The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Is The Best Solution When It Comes To Building a Thriving Branded Lead Generating Business Online

  • You get to learn from someone who has actually built a highly successful brand and blog online that generates a multiple six figure income every year (unlike a ‘branding coach’)
  • You get step by step videos walking you through everything you need to know to build your brand online (perfect if technology freaks you out)
  • You get to learn how to build authority, even if you’re brand new & still learning
  • You get expert know-how from someone who’s helped countless other people build highly successful brands & blogs online

Tanya Aliza - The Ultimate Branding Blueprint - Module 1


Tanya Aliza - The Ultimate Branding Blueprint - Module 2 Bonus

• How to create a style and look of your Brand that will capture people’s attention, get them doing business with you & make you shine like a celebrity

• 5 key reasons why you must Brand yourself and NOT your company if you want to survive and thrive

• The formula to create a ‘Prospecting Attracting Tagline’ for your business to attract more leads and sales

Should you talk about your ‘Business’ or your ‘Product? Tanya will clearly explain the best way to lead into your Business with your Brand

Tanya Aliza - The Ultimate Branding Blueprint - Module 2

• Learn who your Best Prospects are online, where to find them & how to attract them to you and your Brand

• EXACTLY why it’s so important to attract the right people to your business by targeting the right people in your messages. Get this wrong and you end up with the wrong kind of people for your business.

The one thing you must avoid doing if you want to make sure you never alienate your audience…you might be doing this right now.

• A fun but powerful exercise for getting to know who your ‘Perfect Prospect’ is, their desires, needs and reasons they’ll buy from you


Tanya Aliza - The Ultimate Branding Blueprint - Module 2 Bonus

Tanya Aliza - The Ultimate Branding Blueprint - Module 3


Tanya Aliza - The Ultimate Branding Blueprint - Module 3 Bonus

Build an Engaging, Professional & Profitable Blog with simple ‘follow the leader’ step-by-step instructions in 10 short video tutorials

• How to customize your WordPress design so you stand out, get noticed and get people interested in your business

• Lead capture forms made simple-so you can quickly build a list of lucrative leads you can market to again and again

• What you need to know about Monetizing your blog and how this can create lucrative extra income streams you never even considered before

And there’s more. As part of this course you also get…
7 powerful ways to bring quality prospects to your blog  197val

Tanya’s Top 7 Strategies For Finding & Bringing People To Your Blog & Getting People To Interact With Your Brand & Your Offers.


You will learn…


• How to get 10-30 high quality leads a day from your blog

5 Myths about generating high quality prospects and the real way to get profitable prospects to your blog

The Top places online that your ideal customers are already hanging out and how to bring them over to you

Tanya’s top resources and ‘Sweet Spots’ that have helped her to find some of her top recruits in her business

PLUS… 6 Exclusive Bonuses – Over $995 In Value

Bonus 1


• How to build a loyal following of blog subscribers that grow your profits and are eager to connect with you

• How to put together your own branded lead offer, newsletter, or free training to attract more leads and make more sales

• How to set up your lead offer to bring in leads and sales on autopilot-even while you sleep

• No offer? No problem. …we’ll give you multiple ideas and Tanya will show you how she’s created 20 income streams with her blog



Make your brand and business POP and ZING with Ultimate Images. It’s your guide to creating amazing attractive images to make your brand stand out in a crowded world.

• Discover the steps to creating your own blog banners, post images, social media images (Pinterest, FB, Twitter, Instagram), and side banners on your blog…for free and in 5 mins!

• Don’t feel like designing your own images-no problem-here’s my 4 top sites for getting images and logos made.

6 of my Top Resources I use to build wickedly effective images that get a ton of engagement on my blog and social media.

My smart phone app that creates powerful, attention grabbing images for your Brand

Get what you want designed for free in 10 minutes or less…No special expensive software or design skills needed!


You’ll get a powerful source of FREE residual leads & sales with this video bonus…Visitors to your blog turn into qualified leads effortlessly if you do this right… remember that Google search traffic is super high quality because these people are searching for what you have, you just need to get in front of them!


Here’s some of what you get inside:

My 10-Point Blog Post Checklist to make sure Google loves your post and ranks it in the top spots

• My Proven 8 Step Formula for creating content that get’s maximum attention

What to leave out of each post that leaves your prospects hungry to find out more and eager to hear from you

How to get your readers to Take Action after reading your blog post

My simple SEO checklist that you can download, print and keep with you the next time you publish a blog post so you know you’re posting like the pros and will get noticed online


Never get confused about WHAT you should be blogging about or posting ever again. This bonus module will make sure you have a clear focus on what you should be posting on your blog and Social Media to generate the most business.


Here’s just some of what you get inside:


The 5 Step Formula for creating amazing Blog posts that command attention and engagement

• How to write a personal testimonial / product testimonial post to wow your prospects and get more people wanting to do business with you

What to Blog about even if you’re brand new and have no results yet. Hint: You don’t need results to get results, you just have to position yourself properly!

My 60 min Blog Posting Schedule – How to do as little as one Blog Post a week and still get massive results.


Worth 5 Times The Price Of This Whole course!
A ‘Work With’ application is a powerful way to get your prospects to take the first step in looking to join your team…You have to know how to set this up right on your Blog.


Here’s is what you’ll get in this bonus:

How to effectively put a ‘Work With’ application form on your Blog so people can apply to be a part of your team and work with you

The specific questions you should include on this form to invoke authority and weed out the tire kickers

• The exact and important steps you need to take right after the Application Form is filled out and how to get the serious prospects to call / text you

How to get your prospects to sign up on Auto-Pilot without a long drawn out conversation on the phone that could waste a lot of time

Bonus 6

Imagine having access to Tanya personally and a hoard of professionals who are there to answer your every question. How quickly would you grow your business? How much easier would your life be? You’ll get access to Tanya’s closed door Facebook group where you can get your all your questions answered every day so you’re 100% supported through your Branding journey.


You will get:

• All your questions answered fast

• 100% support through your Branding and Blogging journey

• A chance to share your new Blog and get feedback

• The opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs while getting ideas from all the others

That’s Over $994 Worth of Bonuses

And You Get Them All For FREE!

Here’s A Sneak Peek Of What’s Exactly Inside
The Ultimate Branding Blueprint


(no matter what your skill-set)

Literally anyone can build a Brand and Blog online that grabs attention, commands respect and connects you to your audience…so they want to do business with you.


It doesn’t matter if you’re the least technical person in the world or have no clue where to start.


It doesn’t matter what your Business is. People from a huge variety of niches online have used my training to build amazing Brands online.


Just watch over my shoulder as I walk you through everything you need to gain a monster-size presence in your business that will have people flocking to you.

I Interviewed 2 of My Students
See Their Success Stories




Forget about spending a fortune
on a Branding Coach…here’s why…

The Ultimate Branding Blueprint contains a wealth of information that even the best of branding coaches could not get across to you without charging you a fortune for hours of consultation and they might not be in the same industry as you. Absolutely every angle of setting up your Brand and Blog is covered in this video course. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can be up and running with a cutting edge Brand and Blog that gets you more customers, teammates, partners, profits, book deals, speaking gigs, interviews…you name it!


You could of course go out there and try to figure this Branding thing out yourself.
But it took me 5 years to put all these pieces together for you. And over $40k spent on courses and coaches. You’d probably be looking at spending the same amount of time and a similar amount for the same information. But why bother?
You can start watching the videos in minutes from now and be well on your way to building a profitable piece of Branded real estate online that will grow your business for years to come.

A Jaw Dropping Branded Presence Online Could Transform
Your Business In Weeks

Having a Branded presence online set up the Right Way means the following:

  • You don’t have to chase or hound people for business

  • You can spend more time doing what you love in life

  • You may be asked to be interviewed or speak at events about your business…for even more leads

  • Your prospects look up to you and want to do business with you

  • You have more prospects coming in than you know what to do with – Maybe create a lead share program with your team!

I Invested heavily
to learn this material…

The result is a course that will Change Your Life

When you purchase The Ultimate Branding Blueprint you will be taking advantage of years of my time spent with Branding coaches and on Blogging courses.

I spent over $40k on online courses & personal coaching

And consider this:

– I charge $497 an hour for Blog coaching

– A training weekend with me would cost in excess of $5K

So what would you expect to pay for
The Ultimate Branding Blueprint?

Industry leaders told me

I should be charging at least $2000.

After all it contains everything you get in a weekend with me and a lot more. But to be brutally honest – YES I want to make a profit on the course, but I want to reach as many people as possible.

You don’t have to invest $2000 today,
or even half that at $1000

YES… If you Act Right Now you can secure all the training modules, along with ALL Amazing Bonuses for just

$497 Or just 2 easy payments of $274!

I’m Not Sure How Long

I’ll Keep It At This Price

We’ve done a couple price increases since the initial release of the course due to the updates and demand, so to make sure you get this offered price and bonuses, secure The Ultimate Branding Blueprint at $497 today.

And YES…you get a lifetime access to updates and additions.

As soon as I reach support capacity I will be forced to increase the price to something a lot more realistic or maybe withdraw the course from the market altogether. Hit the ‘Get It Now’ button below and create your thriving Brand and Blog today.

I’m So Confident that You’ll Love This Training

I’m backing it up with my Personal

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Secure the Course & all the Bonuses right now, and see for yourself within the next 30 DAYS.

If AFTER you complete all the training modules you still feel you didn’t get the value you paid for, I don’t want your money, and I’ll give back every penny to you. This is my way of eliminating all risk on your end!

Tanya Aliza UBB Buy Now Button

Immediately dive into The Ultimate Branding Blueprint and:

– Watch as people contact you for a change
– Watch as people want to do business with you
– Watch as people stop giving you stupid questions and rejections
– Your conversations with your prospects will flow like a warm conversation between friends because they respect you and view you as a leader
– They’ll be already half sold on your business


And if for any reason whatsoever-you’re not happy AFTER you digest all the content in the course, send me an email for a full 100% refund. No hard feelings and we’ll still be great friends 🙂

Yes Tanya! I Want To Gain Access
To The Ultimate Branding Blueprint Right Now

Tanya! I want to finally start growing my business rapidly and leverage the power of Online Branding & Blogging to automate more of the process

I understand I will gain access to ALL the following…

Module 1 Crafting Your Online Brand for Success… $312 Value
Module 1 Bonus Checklist and Workbook $112 Value
Module 2 Attracting Your Ultimate Buyers $200 Value
Module 2 Bonus Checklist and Workbook $112 Value
Module 3 Building Your Blog For Success $2000 Value
7 Powerful Ways To Bring High Quality Prospects To Your Blog $197 Value


Bonus #1 List Building and Money Making Blog $187 value
Bonus #2 Ultimate Images $129 Value
Bonus #3 Get Found On Google $189 Value
Bonus #4 5 Essential Blog Posts To Generate Business $97 value
Bonus #5 The Home Business Application Process $319 Value
Bonus #6 Facebook Private Support Group $300 Value

Total Value

Best Price
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I’ve Seen Millions Made From Even WRONG Actions…But I’ve Never Seen Anything Good From Inaction!



The people who make this world go round…the ones who are free financially, spiritually, mentally…are the decision makers!


The people who live quite lives of desperation are people who think about it…this is just another way of delaying your dreams and not going after what you want.


The sad fact is…without a strong online Brand…you will continue to struggle to make your business work.


It will be an uphill grind all the way to get new people interested in your opportunity.


Don’t let that happen.


There simply is no need.


Draw a line in the sand right now.


You can start today to build a better life of freedom, respect, choice, and joy.


A life of abundance.


Your decision is risk free.


If I’m wrong! YOU have lost nothing.


But what if I’m right?


Act now.


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PS! Grow your business and profits rapidly with my powerful branding and blogging strategies…that get people chasing you for business.